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A Few Verses
Fresh Light on A.G. Stephens as Editor of Barcroft Boake's Works
A collection of Barcroft Boake's works was edited by A.G. Stephens and in 1965 Clement Semmler accused him of taking demonstrable and unacceptable liberties in editing Boake's works. TheseExpand
Conversions and Conventions
Barcroft Boake's Life
The accuracy of a musket: Some Napoleonic era results re-examined
Muskets come in so many shapes and sizes that they share only quite basic characteristics. So, for the purposes of this paper, a musket is an obsolete longarm whose essential feature is its smoothExpand
The swivel gun massacre
Early Tasmania was awash with guns. Regiments of soldiers carried Brown Bess, the regulation flintlock musket. Gentry had their fowling pieces, some of them exquisitely crafted. There were alsoExpand
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A note on physical properties of musket fire
While the use of ballistics data and principles to clarify historical experience of firearms is to be encouraged, their application is not always straightforward. This paper emphasizes the need forExpand
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A Chronological Work List
The Boake Family