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The Navigation of Feeling: A Framework for the History of Emotions
Preface Part I. What are Emotions?: 1. Answers from cognitive psychology 2. Answers from anthropology 3. Emotional expression as a type of speech act 4. Emotional liberty Part II. Emotions inExpand
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Against Constructionism: The Historical Ethnography of Emotions
  • W. Reddy
  • Sociology
  • Current Anthropology
  • 1 June 1997
A coherent account of emotional change must find a dynamic, a vector of alteration, outside the discursive structures and normative practices that have monopolized ethnographic attention in researchExpand
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Historical Research on the Self and Emotions
Research on this topic in Europe and North America has reached a new stage. Prior to 1970, historians told a story of progress in which modern individuals gradually gained mastery of emotions. AfterExpand
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Sentimentalism and Its Erasure: The Role of Emotions in the Era of the French Revolution*
  • W. Reddy
  • Sociology
  • The Journal of Modern History
  • 1 March 2000
In the course of the late seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, a remarkable change in the understanding and expression of emotions occurred in France, and in elite circles all over Europe. RecentExpand
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Money and liberty in modern Europe : a critique of historical understanding
Preface 1. The crisis of the class concept in historical research 2. Meaning and its material base 3. Growth of the liberal illusion 4. Money and the rights of man in 1789 5. Challenging one's masterExpand
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Papular dermatitis of pregnancy. A new clinical entity?
A generalized eruption, characterized by widely scattered, intensely itching, erythematous papules, that occur only during pregnancy is described. Among the 12 patients reported, there were 37Expand
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The Invisible Code: Honor and Sentiment in Postrevolutionary France, 1814-1848
Starting from the premise that private feelings cannot be contained or eliminated from public deliberation or action, this text embarks on an inquiry into the influence of honour on behaviour inExpand
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AHR Conversation: The Historical Study of Emotions
In the past few years, the AHR has published five “Conversations,” each on a subject of interest to a wide range of historians: “On Transnational History” (2006), “Religious Identities and Violence”Expand
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The rise of market culture : the textile trade and French society, 1750-1900
List of figures and maps List of abbreviations Preface Introduction Part I. A World Without Entrepreneurs, 1750-1815: 1. Commerce as conflict 2. The design of the spinning jenny 3. New terms and oldExpand
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