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Neonatal sucking behaviors.
Neonatal sucking responses or behaviors have been of great interest to researchers and clinicians since the early 1800s. Since 1960, there has been a resurgence of interest in the objective study ofExpand
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The diagnosis and classification of gestational diabetes mellitus: is it time to change our tune?
OBJECTIVE This study was designed to determine the impact on our population of adopting the Carpenter and Coustan criteria for gestational diabetes mellitus in place of the currently used NationalExpand
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Nephrotoxicity in Leukemic Patients Receiving Empirical Amphotericin B and Aminoglycosides
Twelve leukemic patients (19%) receiving amphotericin B and aminoglycosides had nephrotoxicity (creatinine value > 2.0 mg/dl). Patients with nephrotoxicity tended to be older than patients withoutExpand
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Should cases with a ‘known’ cause of their disease be excluded from study? (Commentary)
Assigning a cause to an individual event is a natural impulse. This impulse sometimes finds its way into epidemiologic research, if researchers assign a specific cause to some cases of a diseaseExpand
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Polysilicon encapsulated local oxidation
Polysilicon encapsulated local oxidation (PELOX) is proposed as an effective isolation technique that satisfied advanced device requirements without any difficult-to-control structures or processes.Expand
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The effect of biased spacers on LDD MOSFET behavior
The concept of using LDD spacers that are independently biased with respect to the gate electrode is presented. It is shown that the lateral electric field is strongly influenced by the drainExpand
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Recessed polysilicon encapsulated local oxidation
Local oxidation of silicon (LOCOS) is the most commonly used isolation technology in silicon integrated circuits. The inherently large field oxide encroachment associated with LOCOS severely limitsExpand
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Malignant lymphomas of follicular center cell origin in man. VI. Large cleaved cell lymphoma.
Between 1970 and 1986 61 patients with large cleaved cell lymphoma (LCCL) were observed and treated. Median age was 56, and there were slightly more women than men (ratio, 1.4:1). Forty-four casesExpand
E. B. Lee. " Generalized Quadratic Optimal Controllers for Linear Hereditary
65 where the function E (tn, 0, $) is determined from a recurrence equation in [2]. Proo) Follows from an application of dynamic programming techniques. Examination of these two feedback control lawsExpand