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Renal effects of gentamicin and cephaloridine. Evaluation by renal enzyme excretion studies in rats and comparison with other antibiotics.
The renal effects of gentamicin and cephaloridine were investigated by determining the changes in renal enzyme excretion. Both drugs provoked significant elevations or urinary AP-, LAP-, orExpand
[Psoriasis therapy with fumaric acid and fumaric acid esters].
  • W. Raab
  • Medicine
  • Zeitschrift fur Hautkrankheiten
  • 15 May 1984
Fumaric acid may not be regarded as an antipsoriatic drug. Beneficial effects on psoriatic lesions may be explained by secondary changes such as the acidification of gastric juice in cases ofExpand
Interactions between econazole, a broad-spectrum antimicrobic substance, and topically active glucocorticoids.
Econazole is a broad-spectrum antimicrobic substance which acts by permeabilizing the cell membranes. Glucocorticoids by their surface activity may counteract this effect by protecting the cellExpand
[Practically important allergies. An overview].
  • W. Raab
  • Medicine
  • Wiener medizinische Wochenschrift
  • 15 April 1989
In this survey, the importance of the various allergic diseases in medical practice is outlined. Animal allergies which are on the increase and allergies against fungal spores are discussed in moreExpand
Diagnostic value of urinary enzyme determinations.
  • W. Raab
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Clinical chemistry
  • 1972
Information on physiology and pathology of urinary enzymatic activities is compiled. Attention is focused on the diagnostic applicability of urinary enzyme determinations. The data collected mayExpand
The localization of ribonuclease and deoxyribonuclease activities in normal and psoriatic epidermis.
Absorption of X-Rays in Psoriatic Parakeratotic Horny Layers *
with the technical assistance of Mary Nurnberg Several investigators claim that keratiniza-tion in psoriasis is incomplete (5, 19, 32) since the parakeratotic stratum corneum retains certain featuresExpand
Enzymes and isoenzymes in urine.
  • W. Raab
  • Medicine
  • Current problems in clinical biochemistry
  • 1968