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Effect of Herbicides on Field Violet (Viola arvensis) in Direct-Seeded Spring Wheat1
The agrestal field violet, a pervasive weed in Europe, has been identified in reduced-tillage cereal fields in Alberta and management of the weed does not appear to cause significant crop production losses; hence, herbicide selection should be based on knowledge of all weed species present within the field. Expand
Homotransplant renal artery stenosis.
All transplant patients with severe diastolic hypertension, refractory to medical management, and an audible abdominal bruit should undergo angiography. Expand
Application of Nitrapyrin with Banded Urea, Urea Ammonium Nitrate, and Ammonia Delays Nitrification and Reduces Nitrogen Loss in Canadian Soils
Soil N loss is a significant impediment to maximizing yield and profitability for farmers in Canada. Maintaining N in the stable and plant-available NH4 + form via use of nitrification inhibitorsExpand
The reaction of iron chlorides with some aliphatic primary amines
Abstract The reaction at room temperature of iron (III) chloride with excess of several primary amines has been studied. With each primary amine (NH2R, R  Me, Et, Prn and Bun) reduction to iron (II)Expand
Splenectomy in renal transplantation.
Effect of Herbicides on Field Violet (Viola arvensis) in Four Direct-Seeded Canola Management Systems1
Field violet is a winter or summer annual plant that is a serious weed of canola crops in Europe. It is a weed of increasing concern within reduced tillage fields in central Alberta, where itsExpand
Applications of Ca to soil in both growth chamber and field experiments increased triallate [S-(2,3,3-trichloroallyl)-diisopropylthiocarbamate] activity. Ca appears to affect the distribution ofExpand