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Electric-dipole, quadrupole, and magnetic-dipole susceptibilities and shielding factors for closed-shell ions of the He, Ne, Ar, Ni (Cu+), Kr, Pb, and Xe isoelectronic sequences
Abstract Theoretical values of electric and magnetic susceptibilities ( α 1 , α 2 , χ 1 ) and shielding factors ( γ 1 , γ 2 , σ 1 ) calculated in the relativistic random-phase approximation areExpand
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Terrestrial polarization imagery obtained from the Space Shuttle: characterization and interpretation.
An experiment to measure the polarization of land, sea, haze, and cloud areas from space was carried aboard the Space Shuttle in Sept. 1985. Digitized polarimetric and photometric imagery in mutuallyExpand
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Optical properties of plasmas based on an average-atom model
Abstract Optical properties of plasmas, including dielectric constants, indices of refraction, and absorption coefficients, are determined from an average-atom point of view. Linear response of anExpand
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Principles of the Mechanics of Machinery and Engineering
§ 345. Prismatic Vessels.-If a cistern from which water flows through an orifice at the side or bottom, has no influx to it from any other side, a gradual sinking of the surface of ,vater will takeExpand
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The Prediction of Transonic Flows on an Advancing Rotor
The object of this investigation was to find and demonstrate a means of performing efficient finite-difference computations of rotor loading for a trimmed rotor in high-speed, advancing flight. TheExpand
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Transition rates for lithium-like ions, sodium-like ions, and neutral alkali-metal atoms
Abstract Third-order many-body perturbation theory is used to obtainE1 transition amplitudes for ions of the lithium and sodium isoelectronic sequences and for the neutral alkali-metal atomsExpand
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Activation of complement at plasma-air or serum-air interface of rabbits.
The possibility of the air-plasma interface giving rise to complement activation is investigated. After incubation of the plasma of a group of rabbits with zymosan and measurement of the degree ofExpand
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High-resolution space-shuttle polarimetry for farm crop classification.
A significant advance is reported in imaging the polarimetry of a terrestrial area of Earth located along the Mississippi River near New Madrid, Missouri. Color imagery was obtained with twinExpand
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