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Photo-electric Measurements of Submarine Illumination throughout the Year
Measurements were made, throughout the year 1928, of the penetration of daylight into sea-water in the English Channel. One vacuum and two gas-filled potassium photo-electric cells were used belowExpand
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The Phosphate Content of Fresh and Salt Waters in its Relationship to the growth of the Algal Plankton
On account of the minute quantities in which they are present and of the fact that they are considered of secondary importance as indicating sewage contamination, phosphates are not usually estimatedExpand
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The phosphate content of sea water in relation to the growth of the algal plankton. Part III.
A comparison of the years 1923, 1924 and 1925 as regards the phosphate content of the water at Station El in the English Channel has shown that the vernal diminution was earliest in the year 1924,Expand
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Seasonal Changes in the Silica Content of Natural Waters in Relation to the Phytoplankton.
1. The method of Dienert and Wandenbulcke permits of the estimation of silicate in solution down to the limit of 0-04 mg. of silica per litre, which cannot be distinguished from zero. The phosphateExpand
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Note on sea temperatures in the English Channel, 1921 to 1949, and Plymouth sunshine and light
International hydrographic station England no. I (E I) has been visited regularly for many years, and since 1921 the periods have been (nominally) once a month, or more frequently. Much workhas beenExpand
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On the vertical mixing of sea-water and its importance for the algal plankton.
DURINGthe last three years determinations of hydrogen ion concentration, temperature, salinity, and phosphates have afforded evidence that sea water is at certain times far from uniform inExpand
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The Photo-Electric Measurement of the Penetration of Light of Various Wave-Lengths into the Sea and the Physiological Bearing of the Results
The chemical examination of sea water had shown that, as the spring advanced, the surface water became more alkaline and its phosphate content much reduced. These changes were shown to arise from theExpand
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The Hydrogen Ion Concentration of Sea Water in its Biological Relations
It has long been known that sea water is alkaline and numerous determinations of its alkalinity have been made. The method adopted was the usual one for mixtures of carbonates and bicarbonates, orExpand
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