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Improvement of artemisinin production by chitosan in hairy root cultures of Artemisia annua L.
Artemisinin production by hairy roots of Artemisia annua L. was increased 6-fold to 1.8 μg mg−1 dry wt over 6 days by adding 150 mg chitosan l−1. The increase was dose-dependent. Similar treatment ofExpand
Improved isoflavonoid production in Pueraria candollei hairy root cultures using elicitation
The effect of abiotic and biotic elicitors (methyl jasmonate, chitosan, salicylic acid, Agrobacterium, and yeast extract) at various concentrations on total isoflavonoid accumulation was studied inExpand
Enhanced plumbagin production from in vitro cultures of Drosera burmanii using elicitation
Methyl jasmonate, 50 μM, 0.5 mg yeast extract/l and 100 mg chitosan/l stimulated plumbagin production in Drosera burmanii whole plant cultures after 6 days of elicitation. Yeast extract (0.5 mg/l)Expand
Stability studies of saponins in Bacopa monnieri dried ethanolic extracts.
Bacopa monnieri (L.) Wettst. (Brahmi) is currently used as a drug and food supplement for memory improvement. However, studies on the physical and chemical stability of the extract components,Expand
Increased miroestrol, deoxymiroestrol and isoflavonoid accumulation in callus and cell suspension cultures of Pueraria candollei var. mirifica
Miroestrol and deoxymiroestrol are highly active phytoestrogens derived from the tuberous roots of Pueraria candollei var. mirifica. To date, there have been no reports regarding the production ofExpand
Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the quantitative/qualitative analysis of plant secondary metabolites
Immunoassays are antibody-based analytical methods for quantitative/qualitative analysis. Since the principle of immunoassays is based on specific antigen–antibody reaction, the assays have beenExpand
Methyl Jasmonate Elicitation Enhances Glycyrrhizin Production in Glycyrrhiza inflata Hairy Roots Cultures
Hairy roots were induced by infecting stems and leaves of Glycyrrhiza inflata with Agrobacterium rhizogenes ATCC 15834. The optimization of growth and glycyrrhizin accumulation of G. infl ata hairyExpand
Construction and expression of specificity-improved single-chain variable fragments against the bioactive naphthoquinone, plumbagin.
We constructed a single-chain variable fragment (scFv) antibody against plumbagin (PL) with improved specific binding to PL. Variable heavy- and light-chain genes were cloned directly from the cDNAExpand
α-Glucosidase and pancreatic lipase inhibitory activities and glucose uptake stimulatory effect of phenolic compounds from Dendrobium formosum
Abstract A methanol extract from the whole plant of Dendrobium formosum Roxb. ex Lindl., Orchidaceae, showed inhibitory potential against α-glucosidase and pancreatic lipase enzymes. ChromatographicExpand