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System Dynamics Sustainability Model of PalmOil Based Biodiesel Production Chain in Indonesia
The nature of biodiesel production itself is complex with multi-sectors and multi-actors conditions, and with addition of sustainability issues from various stakeholder, created a complex challengesExpand
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Pemodelan Sistem Dinamik Ketercapaian Kontribusi Biodiesel Dalam Bauran Energi Indonesia 2025
Biodiesel industry in Indonesia commercially emerged in 2005 driven by concerns on energy security triggered by high oil price, increasing environmental demand to reduce CO2 emission, whileExpand
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The focus of this research is to analyze potential environmental impact in the supply chain of palm oil biodiesel industries. Simple Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is applied to analyze impacts,Expand
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Synthesis of Titania nanotubes and Titania nanowires by combination sonication-hydrothermal treatment and their photocatalytic activity for hydrogen production
Titania nanotubes (TiO2 NT) and Titania nanowires (TiO2 NW) were fabricated using TiO2 Degussa P25 (TiO2 P25) nanoparticle as precursors via a sonication-hydrothermal combination approach. TheExpand
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SINTESIS DAN KARAKTERISASI MEMBRAN ELEKTROLIT POLIETER-ETER KETON TERSULFONASI . Membran elektrolit untuk aplikasi sel bahan bakar metanol langsung, Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC) berfungsi untukExpand
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Significance of Acoustic and Hydrodynamic Cavitations in Enhancing Ozone Mass Transfer
Assessment of both acoustic and hydrodynamic cavitations for intensifying ozone mass transfer was conducted simultaneously. Four process schemes were arranged to evaluate the effect of application ofExpand
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Enhancing strategy on renewable hydrogen production in a continuous bioreactor with packed biofilter from sugary wastewater
Abstract A flex-matala packed biofilter with specific surface area 365 m2/m3 and free volume 94% was used as a bacteria carrier in a Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR) in this study. TheExpand
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Multi-objective optimization model for sustainable Indonesian electricity system: Analysis of economic, environment, and adequacy of energy sources
This paper presents a multi-objective optimization model for a long-term generation mix in Indonesia. The objective of this work is to assess the economic, environment, and adequacy of local energyExpand
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Palm biodiesel prospect in the Indonesian power sector
Abstract The recent low oil prices tend to render the acceleration of renewable energy (RE) development in the world. Only few sectors of RE can still keep growing with this situation. One of theExpand
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Effect of concentration on biohydrogen production in a continuous stirred bioreactor using biofilm induced packed-carrier
Abstract The difference in concentration of sugar in sugary waste on research production biohydrogen to make use of continuous stirred bioreactor is equipped with Flex-matal as a packed-filter M190Expand
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