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Photoelectron Spectroscopy
  • W. Price
  • Physics, Chemistry
  • 18 April 2020
Photoelectron Spectroscopy.By A. D. Baker and D. Betteridge. Pp. x + 180. (Pergamon: Oxford and New York, August 1972.) £3.50.
Collision spectroscopy
Collision Spectroscopy.Edited by R.G. Cooks. Pp.458. (Plenum: New York, 1978.) $54.60.
An Introduction to the Theory of Atomic Spectra
I I Sobel'man Oxford: Pergamon 1972 pp xvi + 609 price £18 This book is probably the most significant treatise on the theory of atomic spectra that has appeared since Condon and Shortley published
Optical and dielectric properties and lattice dynamics of some fluorite structure ionic crystals
Some optical, dielectric and lattice properties of three alkaline earth fluorides (calcium, strontium and barium fluorides) and of two other isomorphous fluorides (cadmium and lead fluoride) are
The absorption spectra of sulphur dioxide and carbon disulphide in the vacuum ultra-violet
In the near ultra-violet the absorption spectrum of sulphur dioxide has been investigated to a greater extent than that of any other triatomic molecule. The excellent work of Clements (1935) on the
Translocation of Tristeza and Psorosis Viruses
The suggestion has been made that tristeza virus is phloem-limited, since it apparently is unable to move across the ringed portion of a stem during a period of six months.
The Absorption Spectrum of Diborane
The absorption spectrum of diborane has been investigated in the infra‐red from 1–25μ and in the vacuum ultraviolet down to 1000A. The rotational structure obtained for certain of the infra‐red bands
Photoelectron Spectra of the Halides of Elements in Groups III, IV, V and VI
It is shown how the orbitals of the halides of the elements of different groups are related and how the additional electrons of molecules containing higher group atoms are accommodated in outer orbitals in a building up process somewhat analogous to that which occurs in atoms.