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The synaptic organization of the brain
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Functional connections of tonic and kinetic vestibular neurons with primary vestibular afferents.
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A mechanism of central compensation of vestibular function following hemilabyrinthectomy.
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Tonic and kinetic responses of cat's vestibular neurons to horizontal angular acceleration.
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Functional characterization of primary vestibular afferents in the frog
Summary1.In order to more accurately identify the nature of the vestibular input to central neurons, the response properties of single semicircular canal and otolith units in the frog VIIIth nerveExpand
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Vestibular nerve and nuclei unit responses and eye movement responses to repetitive galvanic stimulation of the labyrinth in the rat
SummaryTwo-second cathodal current pulses were applied at one-minute intervals at a point external to the round window in the ear of each albino rat subject. Responses were recorded in the vestibularExpand
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Response characteristics of semicircular canal and otolith systems in cat. I. Dynamic responses of primary vestibular fibers
Summary1.The activity of cat semicircular canal and otolith afferents was studied during yaw and roll rotations, respectively, to examine their dynamic behavior.2.A sinusoidal analysis of the canalExpand
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Pharmacological aspects of excitatory synaptic transmission to second‐order vestibular neurons in the frog
Synaptic excitation of second‐order vestibular neurons is mediated by two principal afferents: vestibular afferents projecting into the brain via the VIIIth cranial nerve and commissural afferentsExpand
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The postnatal development of functional properties of central vestibular neurons in the rat
The postnatal development of the responses of rat central vestibular neurons to horizontal angular acceleration was studied in the time and frequency domain. The resting discharge was very low andExpand
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