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Ionospheric Measurements made at Halley Bay
IONOSPHERIC measurements at the Royal Society Base at Halley Bay (75° 31′ S. 26° 36′ W. geomagnetic latitude 65° 47′ S.) started on April 1, 1957, and some results for the first year's operation areExpand
Ionospheric absorption measurements during a sunspot cycle
Abstract The results of a comprehensive series of observations on the absorption of radio waves during the process of ionospheric reflection are described. Such observations have includedExpand
The numerical calculation of wave-fields, reflexion coefficients and polarizations for long radio waves in the lower ionosphere. II
The characteristics of radio waves of low and very low frequency reflected from numerical models of electron density and collision frequency are calculated by the methods described in the precedingExpand
Antarctic Ionospheric Research
The reflection and absorption of radio waves in the ionosphere
A brief historical review is given of the investigations on the absorption of radio waves made in the United Kingdom since 1935 together with a detailed discussion of the factors which must beExpand
The collision frequency in the E- and D-regions of the ionosphere
The height variation of collision frequency, v, is critically discussed using both measured data and computations based on Pack and Phelp's cross-sections applied to standard atmospheres. Up toExpand
Studies of Ionospheric Absorption
Anomalous Effects in Ionospheric Absorption
IN current methods of vertical sounding of the ionosphere by radio waves, two relationships are usually experimentally determined, namely, (1) the value of the equivalent height of reflexion (h') asExpand
World Morphology of Ionospheric Storms