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The dri thermal/optical reflectance carbon analysis system: description, evaluation and applications in U.S. Air quality studies
Abstract The thermal/optical reflectance method of carbon analysis developed by Huntzicker et al. (in Particulate Carbon, Atmospheric Life Cycle, edited by Wolff G. T. and Klimisch R. L., pp. 79–88,Expand
Real-world automotive emissions—Summary of studies in the Fort McHenry and Tuscarora mountain tunnels
Al~ract--Motor vehicle emission rates of CO, NO, NOx, and gas-phase speciated nonmethane hydrocarbons (NMHC) and carbonyl compounds were measured in 1992 in the Fort McHenry Tunnel under BaltimoreExpand
Sulfate in diesel exhaust
Experiments were conducted to determine the chemical form of sulfate emissions from diesel-powered light-duty vehicles. A controlled-condensation sampling procedure was used to analyze the chemicalExpand
Particulate Matter Associated with Vehicles on the Road
Experiments at the Allegheny and Tuscarora Mountain Tunnels of the Pennsylvania Turnpike in 1975–1979 have resulted in a comprehensive description of the airborne particulate matter associated withExpand
Real-world emissions and calculated reactivities of organic species from motor vehicles
To obtain real-world motor vehicle emission rates for the hydrocarbon ozone precursors, a series of experiments was conducted in the Fort McHenry Tunnel, Baltimore, Maryland and in the TuscaroraExpand
Exhaust Particle Size Distribution Measurements at the Tuscarora Mountain Tunnel
On-road particle size distributions were measured at the Tuscarora Mountain tunnel on the Pennsylvania Turnpike in May 1999. The data were obtained using a scanning mobility particle sizer. TheExpand
Sulfate emissions from catalyst-equipped automobiles on the highway
The essential effect of the present results is to reinforce substantially the conclusions drawn earlier. H/sub 2/SO/sub 4/ from catalyst-equipped 49-state cars on the highway has still not developedExpand
Abstract Airborne particulate matter worn from tires has been detected in the atmospheres of two vehicle tunnels and in the open air. The amount is about 20 per cent as great as that from vehicle e...
Comparison of the SCAQS Tunnel Study with Other On Road Vehicle Emission Data
The Van Nuys Tunnel experiment conducted in 1987 by Ingalls et al. (see A&WMA Paper 89-137.3), to verify automotive emission inventories as part of the Southern California Air Quality Study (SCAQS),Expand
Real-world particulate matter and gaseous emissions from motor vehicles in a highway tunnel.
Recent studies have linked atmospheric particulate matter with human health problems. In many urban areas, mobile sources are a major source of particulate matter (PM) and the dominant source of fineExpand