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Prolactin Release during Exercise in Normal and Adrenodemedullated Untrained Rats Submitted to Central Cholinergic Blockade with Atropine
To study the role of the central cholinergic system in pituitary prolactin (PRL) release during exercise we injected atropine (5 x 10(-7) mol) into the lateral cerebral ventricle of intact orExpand
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Comparison of capilary glycemic responses after moderated continuous racing and high-intensity interval training in diabetes type 1 patients
Materials and methods Seven men with DM1, aged 26±6.63 yrs., BMI 24±1.99 kg/ m2, with DM1 duration of 15±9 yrs., HbA1c 7.76±0.4%, and physically active without historical chronic complicationsExpand