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Part IV. An experimental study of the collapse of liquid columns on a rigid horizontal plane
An experimental study has been made of some aspects of the phenomena accompanying the collapse of liquid columns on to a rigid horizontal plane with air as the outer medium. The cases covered includeExpand
Quantum Mechanics of Electrons in Crystal Lattices
Introduction .–Through the work of Bloch our understanding of the behaviour of electrons in crystal lattices has been much advanced. The principal idea of Bloch’s theory is the assumption that theExpand
Part I. The diffraction theory of sea waves and the shelter afforded by breakwaters
The diffraction of sea waves round the end of a long straight breakwater is investigated, use being made of the solutions of mathematically analogous problems in the diffraction of light. The waveExpand
Part II. finite periodic stationary gravity waves in a perfect liquid
The possible existence, form and maximum height of strictly periodic finite stationary waves on the surface of a perfect liquid are discussed. A method of successive approximation to the solution ofExpand
John Von Neumann
John von NeumannCollected Works. General Editor: Prof. A. H. Taub. Vol. 4: Continuous Geometry and other Topics. Pp. x + 516. Vol. 5: Design of Computers, Theory of Automata and Numerical Analysis.Expand
Part V. An experimental study of the collapse of fluid columns on a rigid horizontal plane, in a medium of lower, but comparable, density
The results of an investigation of collapse of fluid right-circular cylinders in a medium of comparable density are described. Qualitative and quantitative similarities between the surges produced byExpand
The nuclear explosive yields at Hiroshima and Nagasaki
The nuclear explosive yields at Hiroshima and Nagasaki have been calculated from measurements of the damage caused to some objects whose dynamical responses were simple enough to permit analysis.Expand