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On the Characteristics and Circulation of the Southwestern Atlantic Ocean
Abstract The waters found within the southwestern Atlantic Ocean extend into it as separate lavers with markedly different characteristics. Along the western boundary the deeper waters, derived fromExpand
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Recent hiatus caused by decadal shift in Indo-Pacific heating
Looking for the missing heat Global warming apparently slowed, or even stopped, during the first decade of the 21st century. This pause is commonly called the “hiatus.” We know, however, that Earth'sExpand
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Recent California climate variability: spatial and temporal patterns in temperature trends
With mounting evidence that global warming is taking place, the cause of this warming has come under vigorous scrutiny. Recent studies have lead to a debate over what contributes the most to regionalExpand
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Record warming in the South Pacific and western Antarctica associated with the strong central‐Pacific El Niño in 2009–10
[1] Satellite data for the past three decades reveal a record-high sea surface temperature (SST) anomaly within a large mid-latitude region of the south-central Pacific (SCP) during the mature phaseExpand
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Enhancing Climate Resilience at NASA Centers: A Collaboration between Science and Stewardship
A partnership between Earth scientists and institutional stewards is helping the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) prepare for a changing climate and growing climate-relatedExpand
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California Getting Wetter to the North, Drier to the South: Natural Variability or Climate Change?
Current climate change projections anticipate that global warming trends will lead to changes in the distribution and intensity of precipitation at a global level. However, few studies haveExpand
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Deriving inertial wave characteristics from surface drifter velocities: Frequency variability in the tropical Pacific
Two techniques have been developed for estimating statistics of inertial oscillations from satellite-tracked drifters. These techniques overcome the difficulties inherent in estimating suchExpand
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151 Temperature and precipitation trends in California : Global warming and Pacific Ocean influences
Recently, in the last decade, extreme weather events in California and, in general, the western US have increased discussion of the role of global warming in influencing weather-related hazards suchExpand
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Scales of Thermal Variability in the Tropical Pacific
Abstract Long-range P-3 aircraft have been used to occupy two 4000 km long sections from 20°N to 17°S along 150 and 158°W in the central equatorial Pacific. The temperature field along these sectionsExpand
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Abstract : Oceanographic observations on 17 cruises near the Hawaiian Islands during 1965-1967 are illustrated and described. These data were collected to study the circulation in the vicinity of theExpand
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