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SD-Anti-DDoS: Fast and efficient DDoS defense in software-defined networks
Experimental results show that the proposed trigger of attack detection mechanism can quickly initiate the attack detection with less than one second and accurately trace the attack source and release the occupied resources of switches. Expand
Lifetime Enhancement in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Fuzzy Approach and A-Star Algorithm
Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are used in many applications to gather sensitive information which is then forwarded to an analysis center. Resource limitations have to be taken into account whenExpand
Photonic approach to the measurement of time-difference-of-arrival and angle-of-arrival of a microwave signal.
A photonic approach to the measurement of the time-difference- of-arrival (TDOA) and the angle-of-Arrival (AOA) of a microwave signal is proposed and experimentally demonstrated. Expand
Conceal time-delay signature of chaotic vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers by variable-polarization optical feedback
Abstract Time-delay (TD) signatures of chaotic outputs generated by vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) are investigated quantitatively by using two proposed estimators, the peak signalExpand
Photonics for microwave measurements
R EIEW A R TCLE Abstract As an emerging topic, photonic-assisted microwave measurements with distinct features such as wide frequency coverage, large instantaneous bandwidth, low frequencydependentExpand
Two approaches for ultrafast random bit generation based on the chaotic dynamics of a semiconductor laser.
By computing high-order finite differences of the chaotic laser intensity time series, time series with symmetric statistical distributions are obtained that are more conducive to ultrafast random bit generation. Expand
Sensitivity-enhanced temperature sensor with cascaded fiber optic Sagnac interferometers based on Vernier-effect
Abstract A novel fiber optic temperature sensor has been proposed and experimentally demonstrated with ~9 times sensitivity enhancement by using two cascaded Sagnac interferometers. These two SagnacExpand
Phase-modulated dual-path feedback for time delay signature suppression from intensity and phase chaos in semiconductor laser
Abstract Phase-modulated dual-path feedback (PM-DPF) is proposed to conceal time delay (TD) signatures from both intensity chaos and phase chaos in semiconductor lasers (SLs). The TD signatures areExpand
Modified Energy-Efficient Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks in the Presence of Distributed Optical Fiber Senor Link
This work investigates an improved energy-efficient communication protocol in the presence of distributed optical fiber sensor links located at the center of WSN fields using the protocol-low-energy adaptive clustering hierarchy (LEACH). Expand
Theoretical calculation of turn-on delay time of VCSEL and effect of carriers recombination
Abstract It is known that the turn-on delay time, t d , for semiconductor lasers depends on the functional form of the recombination rate. Previously, an analytic expression for t d had beenExpand