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The Rock Tombs of Meir
THIS is a welcome continuation of Dr. Blackman's work, interrupted for nine years. Another large tomb, full of inscriptions, is here recorded, which had been opened by authorised native diggers, andExpand
Madras Government Museum The Foote Collection of Indian Prehistoric and Protohistoric Antiquities Notes on their Ages and Distribution
THIS book must be welcomed, in default of any systematic study of the prehistoric remains. The late Mr. Bruce Foote had, for more than forty years, been collecting stone implements as a bye-issue ofExpand
The Use of the Classics
IN discussing “Classical and Modern Education” (NATURE, September 8, p. 64) is there not some clear separation needed between two very different purposes of training in the classics? For knowledge ofExpand
Impure Water in Bread
SOME accurate answers to the following questions would be desirable, in view of public health.
The Meteor of November 17
Mr. CAPRON's letter (p. 149) gives an interesting confirmation of the meteoric nature of the light seen on November 17; as showing that it is physically impossible that it can be an aurora, accordingExpand
The Cambridge Ancient History
THE most valuable and scientific part of this work is the first sixth of the volume, by Prof. Myres, which is an elaborate correlation of Tertiary geology, climate, conditions of life, and movementsExpand
The Great Pyramid of Gizeh; its Riddle Read, its Secret Metrology Fully Revealed as the Origin of British Measures
THE mind of the gnostic is ever with us; it delights in founding the most far-reaching statements upon a basis of facts and dogmas which may or may not be true, but the relevance of which to theExpand
Dilatation of the Iris
IN addition to the method of observation mentioned by Mr. Ackroyd in his photometric proposal (NATURE, vol. xxi. p. 627) I may mention that the variations of the diameter of the pupil are veryExpand
Title of the Natural History Museum
WHAT has history, in its present sense, to do with the subject? What have the Muses to do with it? Certainly Terpsichore is not included at any of the museums. The N.H.M.(B.M.) is not a museum, but aExpand