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Fertility control in female rats by bovine pineal gland extracts.
Abstract Extracts of bovine pineal glands were partially purified by gel-filtration after initial extraction by an aqueous methanol-isobutanol method or with acetic acid. The extracts were tested forExpand
Comparative Microbiological and Immunological Studies of Subgingival Dental Plaque from Man and Baboons
The composition of the oral flora in baboons appeared to be significantly different from that of man, and was distinguishable by analysis with antibody, both by precipitin lines and/or differences between homologous and heterologous titers. Expand
Re-examination of Rattus norvegicus as an animal model for Aeromonas-associated enteritis in man.
An oral feeding model for Aeromonas hydrophila enteritis using Rattus norvegicus with clindamycin pretreatment with evidence of enteritis is developed and antibiotic usage may be a predisposing risk factor to infection. Expand
Infection of a Three-Toed Sloth (Bradypus variegatus) by a Pneumocystis-toke Organism in Panama
This study highlights the need to understand more fully the role of Townsend's law in the development of tick-borne disease and its role in the immune establishment. Expand
Diagnosis of spontaneous Clostridium spiroforme iota enterotoxemia in a barrier rabbit breeding colony.
Results of this study suggested that C. spiroforme is an important enteric pathogen of weanling rabbits and the etiology of this diarrhea complex can be rapidly confirmed using four diagnostic criteria. Expand
Defining Distress
Synergistic relationship of temperature, air, velocity, and mercury in the chicken.
It is concluded that a synergistic relationship exists between mercury, when administered at a nontoxic level, and the climatic factors of temperature and air velocity. Expand