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The Chinese Lexicon Project: A repository of lexical decision behavioral responses for 2,500 Chinese characters
The Chinese Lexicon Project, described in this article, is a database of lexical decision latencies for 2,500 Chinese single characters in simplified script, collected from a sample of native mainland Chinese (Mandarin) speakers (N = 35). Expand
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The Chinese Lexicon Project: A megastudy of lexical decision performance for 25,000+ traditional Chinese two-character compound words
Using a megastudy approach, we developed a database of lexical variables and lexical decision reaction times and accuracy rates for more than 25,000 traditional Chinese two-character compound words. Expand
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The role of lexical variables in the visual recognition of Chinese characters: A megastudy analysis
Logographic Chinese orthography partially represents both phonology and semantics. By capturing the online processing of a large pool of Chinese characters, we were able to examine the relativeExpand
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What are the active ingredients in anomia therapy? A random forest analysis of anomia research from 2009-2018
Introduction Anomia often occurs in adults with spoken expressive aphasia (Murdoch, 1990). Despite the wealth of research, the precise ingredients that explain successful word-finding outcomes inExpand
Identifying the components of a successful spoken naming therapy: a meta-analysis of word-finding interventions for adults with aphasia
ABSTRACT Background: Spoken word retrieval therapy forms an integral part of aphasia therapy. Due to the range of therapy options and variations, drawing clear-cut conclusions from the evidence baseExpand