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Gross morphological changes in thylakoid membrane structure are associated with photosystem I deletion in Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803.
Differences in thylakoid membrane structure most likely reflect the altered composition of photosynthetic particles and distribution of other integral membrane proteins and their interaction with the lipid bilayer. Expand
Manganese and iron encrustations and other features ofPlanctomyces crassus Hortobágyi 1965, morphotype Ib of theBlastocaulis-Planctomyces group of budding and appendaged bacteria, examined by
Water samples collected in August, 1980, from a pond in Budapest, Hungary, have permitted transmission and scanning electron microscopic observations to be made ofPlanctomyces crassus HortobágyiExpand
Interaction of oral phenytoin with enteral feedings.
A 48-yr-old man with squamous cell carcinoma of the lung, hypercalcemia, and brain metastases with seizures was treated with phenytoin and a lower dose of pheny toin administered between feedings was placed on bolus nasogastric feedings. Expand
Seed Coat Characters of Some American Myrtinae (Myrtaceae): Psidium and Related Genera
Four char- acteristics of seed coats that help to distinguish Psidium from its American relatives are described and illustrated, with SEM photographs, and recognition of these characters allows extraction of certain anomalous groups from Psidia. Expand
Quantitative and densitometric considerations in bas‐relief electron micrographs
Two methods for bas-relief electron micrographs are described, one to produce transparencies for projection and one to produce prints for publication. The basis of these methods is a controlledExpand
Element absorption and hydration potential of polyacrylamide gels
Abstract Element absorption and hydration potential (HP) of two polyacrylamide gels (Aa and Bb) were studied after incubation in Hoagland's nutrient solution concentrations of either 2X, 1X, 0.5X,Expand
In conclusion, cells of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Dangeard strain cw15arg7A contain electron‐opaque material, often in the form of large granules, within cytoplasmic vacuoles that suggested that these proteins were partially translocated across the envelope but not retained by the chloroplast without assembly of LHCII. Expand
Structural study of new hydrocarbon nano-crystals by energy-filtered electron diffraction.
A new brittle hydrocarbon has been successfully synthesized in polycrystalline form, and its crystal structure solved by quantitative electron diffraction. By 3D tilting of the nano-crystals, theExpand
Metallic-Oxide encrustations of the nonprosthecate stalks of naturally occurring populations ofPlanctomyces bekefii
Naturally occurring metallic-oxide encrustations of the multifibrillar stalks of morphotype Ia of the Blastocaulis-Planctomyces group of budding and nonprosthecately appendaged prokaryotes from two sources-a pond in Budapest, Hungary and Gebharts Teich, a fishpond in Austria-are examined by energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy. Expand