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Glucose Catabolism in the American Cockroach
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Infra-red spectra of anhydrous molybdates and tungstates
Abstract The infra-red spectra of 19 molybdates and 18 tungstates have been measured from 4000 to 250 cm−1. The identity of the samples was confirmed by X-ray powder diffraction. The spectra areExpand
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Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh
The Playfair Collection and the Teaching of Chemistry at the university of Edinburgh, 1713-1858.By R. G. W. Anderson. Pp.175. (The Royal Scottish Museum: Edinburgh, 1978.). Paperback £4.50.
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The glucose catabolism in several varieties of pepper fruit has been investigated by means of tracer techniques employing glucose-1, -2, -3(4), and -6-C14 as the labelled substrates. A method isExpand
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Radiorespirometric Studies of Glucose Catabolism in Tomato Fruit.
The occurrence of various catabolic pathways of glucose in plant materials has attracted considerable interest in recent years (1, 3, 6). In an earlier report (2), studies on the catabolism ofExpand
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Role of Hexose Monophosphate Pathway in Tomato Catabolism.
The operation of the hexose monophosphate pathway (HMP) in plants has been the object of extensive studies in recent years (1, 2, 4). In previous papers (3, 9) it has been demonstrated that in intactExpand
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Role of Glyoxylate in Biosynthesis of Acids in Tomato Fruit.
13. LEOPOLD, A. C. and K. V. THIMANN. 1949. The effect of auxin on flower initiation. Amer. Jour. Bot. 36: 342-347. 14. LIVERMAN, J. L. 1955. Physiology of flowering. Ann. Rev. Plant Physiol. 6:Expand
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Infra-red spectra of chromates (V) of calcium, strontium and barium
Abstract The infra-red spectra of the chromates (V) of calcium, strontium and barium have been measured from 2000 to 400 cm −1 . The results, and those for the corresponding chromates (VI), areExpand
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Properties of some solid tetrathiomolybdates
Abstract The tetrathiomolybdates of ammonium, potassium, cobalt (II), nickel (II), copper (II) and zinc and the tetrathiotungstate of ammonium have been studied by X-ray powder diffraction, infraredExpand
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