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The answer to many strategic management research questions is often summarized as ‘It depends.’ Faced with marginal results of many main effect hypothesis tests of one variable on another variable,Expand
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Competition and Strategic Information Acquisition in Credit Markets
We investigate the interaction between banks’ use of information acquisition as a strategic tool and their role in promoting the efficiency of credit markets when a bank’s ability to gatherExpand
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Do Ridesharing Services Affect Traffic Congestion ? An Empirical Study of Uber Entry
Sharing economy platform, which leverages information technology (IT) to re-distribute unused or underutilized assets to people who are willing to pay for the services, has received tremendousExpand
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Variability in Measured Bedlo Ad-Transport Rates
: Variability in bedload-transport rates during constant water discharge is an inherent part of the bedload-transport process. Although this variability has been measured extensively in theExpand
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Interaction of fine sediment with alluvial streambeds
More knowledge is needed about the physical processes that control the transport of fine sediment moving over an alluvial bed. The knowledge is needed to design rational sampling and monitoringExpand
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On Accounting-Based Valuation Formulae *
This paper considers accounting-based valuation formulae. Its initial focus is on two problems related to residual income valuation (RIV). First, insofar valuation depends on theresent value ofExpand
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Paradigms in service research
Purpose – Recent discussions of the service-dominant logic (S-D logic) and the creation of a multidisciplinary service science highlight the need for a paradigmatic discussion that providesExpand
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Cohesive Sediment Transport. II: Application
Typical engineering applications involving cohesive sediments in tidal water bodies including bays, estuarial navigation channels, small harbor basins, piers, and wharves have been cited. ReferenceExpand
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Managerial Constraint : The Intersection Between Organizational Task Environment and Discretion
Managerial constraint is a central theme in strategic management research. Although discussed using a variety of labels (including choice and determinism) and theoretical perspectives (includingExpand
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