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Energy gaps in graphene nanomeshes
We report on the band gap opening and electronic structures of graphene nanomeshes (GNMs), the defected graphene containing a high-density array of nanoscale holes, from first-principlesExpand
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Bandgap Opening by Patterning Graphene
Owing to its remarkable electronic and transport properties, graphene has great potential of replacing silicon for next-generation electronics and optoelectronics; but its zero bandgap associatedExpand
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Development of an Au-Dy-Si liquid alloy ion source for focussed ion beam implantation
Abstract A liquid metal ion source (LMIS) based on the Au78.2Dy8Si13.8 alloy was developed for focussed ion beam implantation of Dy ions. The mass spectrum of the LMIS shows the presence of Si2+,Expand
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Electronic Band Structures of Graphene Nanomeshes
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Questions Concerning the Stopping Power of Heavy Ions in Solids
The passage of heavy ions through solid targets is a topic which continues to puzzle investigators in various aspects. Historically, the problem was specifically treated first by Bohr [1] and BohrExpand
Charge and excitation of swift heavy ions in solids
Abstract We discuss the evolution of charge- and excitation stages of energetic heavy ions passing through solid targets. The relevance of cross-sections from single ion-atom collisions is examinedExpand
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Production of dry microsphere and product thereof
PURPOSE: To efficiently obtain highly foamed freely flowable dry foamed microspheres extremely reduced in aggregate by mixing a wet cake of foamable thermoplastic resin microspheres with a surfaceExpand
Dy–Ni alloy metal ion source for focused ion beam implantation
Abstract A liquid metal ion source (LMIS) was fabricated on the basis of a eutectic Dy 69 Ni 31 alloy for use in focused ion beam implantation. The main component of the ion beam is double chargedExpand
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