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A Polynesian Astronomical Perspective: The Maori of New Zealand
To the Maori of New Zealand, astronomy was an integral part of everyday life. Before the arrival of the Europeans, it foretold the seasons and the weather, dictated a variety of food-questExpand
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The Radiophysics Field Stations and the Early Development of Radio Astronomy
During the period 1946–1961 Australia was one of the world’s leading nations in radio astronomy and played a key role in its development. Much of the research was carried out at a number of differentExpand
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From research to recreation: The rise and fall of Sydney Observatory
Astronomy occupied an important place in Australian society right from the arrival of the “First Fleet” in Sydney in 1788, when a Lieutenant William Dawes set up an observatory. Little was achievedExpand
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Illuminating Incidents in Antipodean Astronomy: Attempted Formation of the Australian Astronomical Society in 1892
Although scientific astronomy has a long and illustrious history in Australia, it was not until 1895 that the first astronomical society was formed. This was the New South Wales Branch of the BritishExpand
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The end of an era: Dr Con Tenukest and amateur astronomy in Australia.
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The Skies Over Aotearoa/New Zealand: Astronomy from a Maori Perspective
In this chapter, which is largely based on Orchiston (2000), we critically examine the sources of information on Maori astronomy available to us, briefly describe the archaeological evidence for theExpand
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Highlighting the history of astronomy in the Asia-Pacific region : proceedings of the ICOA-6 Conference
This book provides readers with the results of recent research from some of the world's leading historians of astronomy on aspects of Arabic, Australian, Chinese, Japanese, and North and SouthExpand
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