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History of Mathematical Programming Systems
  • W. Orchard-Hays
  • Computer Science
  • Annals of the History of Computing
  • 3 July 1984
The systematic development of practical computing methods for linear programming (LP) began in 1952 at the Rand Corporation in Santa Monica, under the direction of George B. Dantzig. Expand
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History of the Development of LP Solvers
In this history of LP solvers, I describe my efforts from the early days of working with card-programmed calculators and mainframes up to the large systems in use today. Expand
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Complexity in Modeling and Analytic Use of Computers
Several computerized systems of enormous power are available to IIASA, often at almost no cost. Indeed, two or three, at least, are here now waiting to be used. Yet no one is using them. Nor is thisExpand
A Fresh Approach to Data Base Management Systems. Part I: Concepts, Considerations and Justifications
This paper is in two parts. In this part, some of the concepts and considerations in the design of a data base management system are set forth, together with justifications for some of the decisionsExpand
Hypernumbers: Real or Imaginary?
On 22 August 1975, Dr. Charles Muses gave a talk at IIASA on hypernumbers, in which he has worked extensively. The talk was fascinating to me and he expressed many viewpoints with which I very muchExpand
On Complaints About Applying Models Effectively
There is a growing dissatisfaction in many quarters with the use of mathematical modeling, and skepticism about its effectiveness, particularly with large-scale models. In the past two to threeExpand