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The systematic position of tribe Paropsieae, in particular the genus Ancistrothyrsus, and a key to the genera of Passifloraceae
The members of tribe Passifloreae of the Passifloraceae are assumed to be originally all tendril-climbers. They have essentially axillary cymose inflorescences, and the vegetative ramification occursExpand
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The genera of tribe Passifloreae (Passifloraceae), with special reference to flower morphology
A comparison of the structure of the flowers of various genera of the tribe Passifloraceae-Passifloreae supported the view of staminodial origin of the disk. The East African genus Schlechterina isExpand
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Redefinition of Zehneria and four new related genera (Cucurbitaceae), with an enumeration of the Australasian and Pacific species
The genus Zehneria Endl. is split into 5 genera, of which 4 are new: Indomelothria, Neoachmandra, Scopella, and Urceodiscus. Apart from several new combinations and taxa of subspecific rank, theExpand
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Gymnopetalum Arn. is distributed from India to the Moluccas. There are 4 species, including 1 new species, G. orientale W.J. de Wilde & Duyfjes, from E Malesia. In G. integrifolium (Roxb.) Kurtz 2Expand
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With the publication of the redefinition of the genus Zehneria and some resembling genera in sE Asia, it appeared that the name Scopella W.J. de Wilde & duyfjes is a homonym of the older ScopellaExpand
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Revision of the genus Gomphogyne (Cucurbitaceae)
The genus Gomphogyne Griff. has six species in Asia and Malesia. The type species, G. cissiformis Griff., occurs in India, Bhutan, and Yunnan at high elevations. Gomphogyne bonii Gagnep. is endemicExpand
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The subtribe Thladianthinae (Cucurbitaceae) in Indochina and Malesia
Of the seven genera which constitute the subtribe Thladianthinae five occur in our area. Full descriptions are given of the genera and species not treated previously by us. Two new species have beenExpand
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Empirical dose quality distributions of californium-252.
Let distributions from 252Cf and 226Ra tube sources have been measured in a sphere of simulated tissue both with and without moderating media surrounding the sphere and as a function of depth in theExpand
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Gynostemma (CuCurbitaCeae) in thailand and malesia
The genus Gynostemma is represented in Thailand and Malesia by four species of which the extremely variable G. pentaphyllum is widespread covering the whole area. Seven forms are recognized in G.Expand
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