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Prevalence of fracture and fragment embolization of Bard retrievable vena cava filters and clinical implications including cardiac perforation and tamponade.
BACKGROUND Vena cava filters represent an alternative treatment option for patients with contraindications to anticoagulation, or they might serve as adjunctive treatment for continued emboli despiteExpand
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Occupational exposure to asbestos: population at risk and projected mortality--1980-2030.
Estimates have been made of the numbers of cancers that are projected to result from past exposures to asbestos in a number of occupations and industries. From 1940 through 1979, 27,500,000Expand
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Exposure to asbestos in the use of consumer spackling, patching, and taping compounds.
Analysis of representative samples of spackling, patching, and jointing compounds, purchased at retail stores in the New York City area, has shown that some contain asbestos minerals as well as otherExpand
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Asbestos exposure of brake repair workers in the United States.
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Learning curves and reliability measures for virtual reality simulation in the performance assessment of carotid angiography.
OBJECTIVES Improvement in performance as measured by metric-based procedural errors must be demonstrated if virtual reality (VR) simulation is to be used as a valid means of proficiency assessmentExpand
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Mortality experience of styrene-polystyrene polymerization workers. Initial findings.
A group of 560 individuals has been identified as employed on 1 May 1960 with at least five years seniority in a plant manufacturing styrene and polystyrene. In this plant workplace exposuresExpand
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Long term radiological effects of short term exposure to amosite asbestos among factory workers.
Chest radiographs were read from a sub-cohort of 386 factory workers with short term exposure to amosite asbestos (median exposure six months) and long follow up (median 25 years). Prevalence ofExpand
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Application of sprayed inorganic fiber containing asbestos: occupational health hazards.
Over 40,000 tons of inorganic fibrous insulation containing asbestos were used in 1970 by the construction industry as a fireproofing material in the erection of multistoried buildings. TheExpand
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The hazards of chrysotile asbestos: a critical review.
Chrysotile, or "white", asbestos is the dominant form of asbestos in international commerce today. It accounts for 99% of current world asbestos production of 2 million tonnes. Chrysotile is anExpand
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Asbestos air pollution.
Findings of mesothelioma among individuals living in the vicinity of asbestos plants suggested that asbestos air pollution might occur. Measurement of asbestos (chrysotile) content of ambient air inExpand
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