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Standard bases, syzygies and their implementation in SINGULAR
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Tolerance of Phenylalanine after Intravenous Administration in Phenylketonurics, Heterozygous Carriers, and Normal Adults
SUBSTANCES which have been introduced into the body by intravenous injection are eliminated from the blood in accordance with a mathematically definable pattern1. The results of heterozygote tests inExpand
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Forces on intraocular lens haptics induced by capsular fibrosis
Electronic dynamometry measurements, performed upon intraocular lens (IOL) haptics of prototype one-piece three-loop silicone lenses, accurately defined the relationships between elastic force andExpand
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Clearing Action of Lysolecithin
G. R. WEBSTER has recently reported very interesting experiments on the clearing action of lysolecithin on brain homogenates1. Analogous findings with lysolecithin (and animal venoms) on brain breiExpand
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Crystal shape amplitudes of platonic polyhedra. I. General aspects and the shape amplitudes of the tetrahedron, cube, and octahedron†
The symmetry relations of crystal shape amplitudes of the Platonic polyhedra are studied in detail. The general algebraic method for calculating the crystal shape amplitude of any polyhedron isExpand
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Measurement of the stopping power for μ− at energies down to the eV range
Abstract The stopping power S ( T ) of kapton for μ − has been determined at kinetic energies T with 2.5 eV ⩽ T ⩽400 eV from the measured spectral flux density. At 2.5 eV S ( T ) is about a factor ofExpand
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Detection of muonic Auger electron lines from silver
Abstract Muonic K- and L-Auger transitions in Ag have been measured with cooled Si p-n junction detectors of high resolution. The experimental Auger intensity ratios are compared with calculatedExpand
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Effect of ribbon-wheel contact on the microstructure of melt-spun Al-Cu eutectic alloy ribbons
The microstructure of melt-spun Al-17.3 at% Cu eutectic alloy ribbons with different thicknesses have been revealed by means of electron microscopy and X-ray techniques. Thick ribbons (>20μm) consistExpand
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Measurement of the stopping power of Au and MgF2 for slow muons
The spectral flux densityn(T) of μ− emerging from a Au or MgF2 moderator has been measured at low energiesT using time-of-flight. Fromn(T) the stopping powerS(T) of Au was determined for 2 keV≤T≤22Expand
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