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The effects of cholesterol on the development of Heliothis zea
Heliothis zea was reared on an artificial diet, which lacked supplementation with plant materials, in order to determine the effects of cholesterol on the development of this insect. A number ofExpand
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The sterol substrate specificity of acyl CoA: :cholesterol acyltransferase from rat liver.
Rat liver microsomes were incubated with various sterols suspended in Triton WR-1339, and the extent of esterification of these sterols by acyl CoA:cholesterol acyltransferase was determined. A 3Expand
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Rotational isomerism about the 17(20)-bond of steroids and euphoids as shown by the crystal structures of euphol and tirucallol.
The influence of configuration at C-20 on rotation about the 17(20)-bond in steroids and euphoids was examined by x-ray crystallographic studies of the C-20 epimers euphol and tirucallol. The H atomExpand
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Lipids in Evolution
1 * Introduction.- 2 * The Nature of Lipids.- 3 * Dating and Chronology.- A. Orienting Remarks.- B. The Age of the Universe.- C. The Age of the Earth.- D. Continental Posiltion and Age.- E. Dating ofExpand
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A comparison of methods for the identification of sterols.
  • W. Nes
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  • Methods in enzymology
  • 1985
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The biosynthesis of squalene and sterols in fish.
Abstract 1. 1. Under in vivo conditions 2-C14-mevalonic acid served as a precursor to lipid materials in the liver of fresh-water bass when the substrate was injected intraperitoneally. MaximumExpand
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The acid-catalyzed solvolysis of dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate and its significance in the examination of urinary 17-ketosteroids.
Burstein and Lieberman (1) have reported a procedure for the examination of urinary ketosteroid sulfates which involves the extraction of an acidified urine with ethyl acetate followed by solvolysisExpand
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