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Separation of Mixtures of Œstrogens in Urinary Extracts using Gradient Elution Chromatography
IN the course of studying the metabolism of œstradiol-4-14C in human mammary cancer, a method of separating mixtures of œstrogens was developed. The method consists of gradient elution chromatographyExpand
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Synthesis of 6-ketoestriol and 6-hydroxyestriol.
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Analysis of urinary metabolites of estradiol-4-C14. I. In human mammary carcinoma.
ABSTRACT A method is described whereby detailed information on the metabolism of an administered dose of estradiol-4-C14 is obtained. The method involves gradient elution chromatography onsilica gelExpand
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The structure of “siliriness” and “germireness”☆
Abstract The compounds reported recently by Russian workers as unsaturated three-membered heterocyclic ring containing silicon or geranium are shown to be, in fact, derivatives of the novel ringExpand
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