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The Auger Effect
Publisher Summary The type of radiationless reorganization of the electronic shells of an atom that has come to be known as the Auger effect plays an important role in very many areas of physics,Expand
Relativistic K Electron Wave Functions by the Variational Principle
The variational principle is applied to obtain the Dirac wave functions of the K electrons of heavy atoms, using the method of variable parameters. In formulation, three parameters are used. TheExpand
Intensities of the K-LL Auger lines
Abstract The variation with Z of the intensities of the different lines in the K-LL Auger spectrum is calculated non-relativistically on intermediate coupling theory, using the transition amplitudesExpand
The K Auger Spectrum
The fine structure of the K Auger spectrum is discussed and the positions and intensities of the K-LL and K-LM Auger lines calculated for different values of Z using a non-relativistic theory andExpand
Effect of Initial Vacancy Configuration Interaction on the K and L1 Auger Spectra
In the K-LL Auger spectrum of elements with low atomic number Z, configuration interaction between the final configurations (2s)0(2p)6 and (2s)2(2p)4 led to a considerable improvement (Asaad 1965) inExpand
TheL2MM andL3MM spectra of argon
Expressions for the line intensities in theL2MM andL3MM spectra of elements of lowZ are given. For such elements the inner shell vacancy is given inj-j notation whereas the final double vacancy inExpand
The L1-L2,3 M4,5 Coster-Kronig transitions
Abstract The intermediate coupling theory has been applied to the L1-L2,3 M4,5 Coster-Kronig transitions, using the transition amplitudes computed by Callan for all elements from Z = 29 to Z = 50 andExpand
Calculation of Auger spectra in j-j coupling
Abstract In this paper, selection rules for the Auger transitions in j-j coupling are derived. For this coupling, an expression is obtained for the Auger transition probability from any initialExpand