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International Union of Pharmacology. XLV. Classification of the Kinin Receptor Family: from Molecular Mechanisms to Pathophysiological Consequences
Kinins are proinflammatory peptides that mediate numerous vascular and pain responses to tissue injury. Two pharmacologically distinct kinin receptor subtypes have been identified and characterizedExpand
Targeting the heme-oxidized nitric oxide receptor for selective vasodilatation of diseased blood vessels.
ROS are a risk factor of several cardiovascular disorders and interfere with NO/soluble guanylyl cyclase/cyclic GMP (NO/sGC/cGMP) signaling through scavenging of NO and formation of the strongExpand
Epidermal growth factor-like domain 7 (EGFL7) modulates Notch signalling and affects neural stem cell renewal
Epidermal growth factor-like domain 7 (EGFL7) modulates Notch signalling and affects neural stem cell renewal Mirko H.H. Schmidt, Frank Bicker, Iva Nikolic, Jeannette Meister, Tanja Babuke, SrdjanExpand
NOSTRIN: A protein modulating nitric oxide release and subcellular distribution of endothelial nitric oxide synthase
Activity and localization of endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) is regulated in a remarkably complex fashion, yet the complex molecular machinery mastering stimulus-induced eNOS translocationExpand
Determination of Bradykinin B2 Receptor in Vivo Phosphorylation Sites and Their Role in Receptor Function*
Reversible phosphorylation plays important roles in G protein-coupled receptor signaling, desensitization, and endocytosis, yet the precise location and role of in vivophosphorylation sites isExpand
Functional specialization of calreticulin domains
Calreticulin is a Ca2+-binding chaperone in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), and calreticulin gene knockout is embryonic lethal. Here, we used calreticulin-deficient mouse embryonic fibroblasts toExpand
NOSIP, a novel modulator of endothelial nitric oxide synthase activity
Production of nitric oxide (NO) in endothelial cells is regulated by direct interactions of endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) with effector proteins such as Ca2+‐calmodulin, byExpand
Host Cell Invasion by TRYPANOSOMA cRUZI Is Potentiated by Activation of Bradykinin B2 Receptors
The parasitic protozoan Trypanosoma cruzi employs multiple molecular strategies to invade a broad range of nonphagocytic cells. Here we demonstrate that the invasion of human primary umbilical veinExpand
Assembly of human contact phase proteins and release of bradykinin at the surface of curli‐expressing Escherichia coli
Previous work has demonstrated that most strains of the human pathogen Streptococcus pyogenes bind kininogens through M protein, a fibrous surface protein and virulence determinant. Here we find thatExpand