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Determinants of Operating Efficiency for Lowly and Highly Competitive Banks in Egypt
This paper examines the contribution of the Egyptian banks financial aspects to their operating efficiency. The paper introduces a link between banks relative competitive position and operatingExpand
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An attempt to achieve efficient energy design for High-Income Houses in Egypt: Case Study: Madenaty City
Abstract Taking into consideration the economic status in Egypt in recent years, especially the investment sector will demonstrate the enormous increase in the residential buildings sector, whichExpand
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Energy performance analysis of integrating building envelopes with nanomaterials
Abstract The energy consumption in Egypt has increased sharply in the past few years, and ultra-energy efficient technologies are desperately needed for the national energy policy. This paperExpand
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Toward revitalization of new towns in Egypt case study: Sixth of October
Abstract Egypt adapted many experiments by establishment of new towns and urban settlements in the desert areas. These experiments aim to achieve developmental strategic aspects in the fields ofExpand
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Toward a Comprehensive Model to Measure Bank’s Performance: RESCO Model and Stability Scorecard
The main purpose of this paper is to present a comprehensive framework and model as a basis for measuring bank’s performance and to draw a strategic map for senior managers and executives to enhanceExpand
Building performance assessment of user behaviour as a post occupancy evaluation indicator: Case study on youth housing in Egypt
Youth housing prototypes are widely spread all over Egypt as a cheap economic housing for youth which are designed in a number of different shapes. A post occupancy evaluation (POE) has beenExpand
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Élaboration d'un système de suivi de l'endommagement de composants mécaniques fonctionnant en régime variable et à très basse vitesse : Application au diagnostic sur roulements
Dans la majorite des secteurs industriels, les couts de maintenance des systemes de production representent une partie non negligeable de l’ensemble de ces couts. Pour ameliorer les performances etExpand
The world today faces challenges in the form of population growth, resource consumption, environmental degradation, climate change and energy crises. Unless some immediate remedial measures areExpand
Indoor Environment Mitigation with Desert Climatic Conditions for Affordable Passive Housing
Passive architectural design is an effective strategy for affordable housing in the developed countries. The importance of passive design comes from improving indoor comfort with low cost, lowExpand