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Scientific and Standard English Names of Amphibians and Reptiles of North America North of Mexico: Update
This publication serves as an update for the most recent list of scientific and standard English names of North American amphibians and reptiles north of Mexico (Crother et al. 2000. SSAR Herpetol.Expand
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Measurement of Cohesion and Coupling in OO Analysis Model Based on Crosscutting Concerns
Abstract: Separation of Concerns is a fundamental software engineering principle achievable through implementaiton of the software development quality patterns Low Coupling and High CohesionExpand
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Early-Tardy Minimization for Joint Scheduling of Jobs and Maintenance Operations on a Single Machine
In this paper, we consider joint scheduling of jobs and preventive maintenance operations on a single machine with an objective to minimize the total earliness and tardiness of jobs about a commonExpand
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Numerical and Experimental Study of Detonation Propagation in a Rectangular Tube with Obstacles
When detonation propagates in tubes with obstacles or with variable section, it is fundamentally an important issue to elucidate how detonation fails or re-initiates in such tubes. In the presentExpand
Finite-Dimensional Reductions of 2D dToda Hierarchy Constrained by the String Equation
Our paper concerns with the study of rational solutions of the dToda hierarchy of integrable equations. The subject is motivated by numerous important applications to problems of interface dynamicsExpand
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Deconvolution Multi-Contrast Light Profile Microscopy (MC-LPM)
Light profile microscopy (LPM)†, is a technique of optical inspection that returns direct cross-sectional images of layered and non-homogeneous thin films via illumination along an axis perpendicularExpand