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Revision of the Black Fungus Gnats (Diptera: Sciaridae) of North America
The North American fauna of Black Fungus Gnats (Diptera: Sciaroidea: Sciaridae) currently comprises 25 genera and 166 species, of which 82 species are distributed only in the Nearctic and 67 species in the Holarctic, whereas six species-group names cannot be interpreted.
Black fungus gnats (Diptera: Sciaridae) found in association with cultivated plants and mushrooms in Australia, with notes on cosmopolitan pest species and biosecurity interceptions.
Male sciarids collected in Australia from inside post-entry quarantine and domestic greenhouses and from vegetable gardens and various plants, were slide mounted and identified. Specimens intercepted
Biochemical characteristics of Eiseniapore, a pore-forming protein in the coelomic fluid of earthworms.
A plausible explanation for the mechanism by which components of the earthworm's immune system destroy non-self components is suggested, which can be activated by thiol groups and is inhibited by sphingomyelin.
Comparative analysis of hemolytic and hemagglutinating activities in the coelomic fluid of Eisenia foetida and Lumbricus terrestris (Annelida, Lumbricidae).
After stimulation with rabbit erythrocytes an enhanced bactericidal and bacteriostatic activity against Proteus vulgaris can be proven and seems to be related to the induced hemolytic proteins.
Coelomic fluid proteins as basic components of innate immunity in earthworms
This work focuses on protease activity of the species A. caliginosa and L. rubellus, by characterizing activity parameters (time course, pH optimum, temperature sensitivity) and by comparing enzyme patterns of untreated and stimulated CF samples separated by PAGE.
Revision of the types of male Sciaridae (Diptera) described from Australia by F.A.A. Skuse.
A total of 27 male sciarid types described by Skuse (1888 and 1890), held in the Australian National Insect Collection, Canberra, and the Australian Museum, Sydney, were remounted and examined
New black fungus gnats (Diptera: Sciaridae) from Eastern Australia.
The following 17 species are described as new for science: Austrosciara heterospinata sp. n., Aus. kalliesi sp. n., Aus. multispinulata sp. n., Aus. stockerae sp. n., Aus. trichovenosa sp. n.,
Sciarid flies from Dominican Amber (Diptera, Sciaridae).
Das Ergebnis der nachfolgenden Untersuchung ist die Neubeschreibung von 20 fossilen Arten aus Dominikanischen Bernstein und einer neuen Gattung mit fossilen und einer rezenten Art aus Afrika. Die