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A standard curve based method for relative real time PCR data processing
This article provides an implementation of the standard curve method and discusses its advantages and limitations in relative real time PCR. Expand
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Flexibility in Engineering Design
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The dynamics of evolutionary stasis
Abstract The fossil record displays remarkable stasis in many species over long time periods, yet studies of extant populations often reveal rapid phenotypic evolution and genetic differentiationExpand
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An approach for greenway suitability analysis
We present an approach to greenway analysis that integrates suitability analysis with geographic information system (GIS) technology to identify suitable sites for greenway development in Prescott Valley, AZ, USA. Expand
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Boundary Value Problems and Partial Differential Equations
Modeling with PDES. Boundary and initial conditions. Fourier series. Technique of separation of variables. Bessel functions. Legendre polynomials. Fourier integral. Double Fourier series. Green'sExpand
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Organizational dimensions of relationship-centered care theory, evidence, and practice
Four domains of relationship have been highlighted as the cornerstones of relationship-centered health care. Of these, clinician-patient relationships have been most thoroughly studied, with a richExpand
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Second course in ordinary differential equations for scientists and engineers
O: Review.- 1. Solution of second order ordinary differential equations by series.- 2. Regular singular points.- 3. Series solutions near a regular singular point.- 1: Boundary Value Problems.- 1.Expand
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A stroll in the forest of the fucoids: Status of Melatercichnus burkei , the doctrine of ichnotaxonomic conservatism and the behavioral ecology of trace fossil variation
Abstract The ichnogenus Melatercichnus was described in 1991 from Cretaceous deep-ocean turbidte beds at Trinidad Bay, northern California. The type (and only) ichnospecies, Melatercichnus burkei,Expand
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A Template-Based Markup Tool for Semantic Web Content
This paper describes our latest markup tool, the Semantic Markup Tool (SMT), which was developed for use on an IC pilot effort and is being used on a several pilot applications. Expand
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