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Outsourcing Economics: Global Value Chains in Capitalist Development
1. Introduction 2. The new wave of globalization 3. What role for comparative advantage? 4. Lead firm strategy and global value chain structure 5. Economic insecurity in the new wave of globalizationExpand
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Shifting sources and uses of profits: sustaining US financialization with global value chains
Abstract This paper links the financialization of non-financial corporations to the extensive development of global value chains by these corporations. The main focus is the US and its offshoring inExpand
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Industrial Policy in the Era of Vertically Specialized Industrialization
The expansion of global value chains (GVCs) since the early 1990s has played an important role in shifting the pattern of international trade and altering the process of industrialization andExpand
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Financialisation and the Dynamics of Offshoring in the USA
Imports are linked to higher cost mark-ups and firm profits, and the gains from such non-competitive imports--the result of offshoring--are increasingly associated with the reinvestment of theseExpand
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Economic and social upgrading in global production networks: Problems of theory and measurement
The massive globalization of production led by large firms in industrialized countries, combined with the policy shift in developing countries toward export-oriented growth, has meant that economicExpand
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The Crisis Of Vision In Modern Economic Thought
A deep and widespread crisis affects modern economic theory, a crisis that derives from the absence of a 'vision' - a set of widely shared political and social preconceptions - on which all economicsExpand
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Economic insecurity in the new wave of globalization: offshoring and the labor share under varieties of capitalism
Countries subject to the same degree of exposure to globalization may experience very different levels of economic insecurity depending on social support or employment protections provided by theExpand
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