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Energy conservation in heterogeneous server clusters
The previous research on cluster-based servers has focused on homogeneous systems. However, real-life clusters are almost invariably heterogeneous in terms of the performance, capacity, and powerExpand
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Dengue surveillance based on a computational model of spatio-temporal locality of Twitter
Twitter is a unique social media channel, in the sense that users discuss and talk about the most diverse topics, including their health conditions. In this paper we analyze how Dengue epidemic isExpand
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A hierarchical characterization of a live streaming media workload
We present a thorough characterization of what we believe to be the first significant live Internet streaming media workload in the scientific literature. Our characterization of over 3.5 millionExpand
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Lazy Associative Classification
Decision tree classifiers perform a greedy search for rules by heuristically selecting the most promising features. Such greedy (local) search may discard important rules. Associative classifiers, onExpand
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In search of invariants for e-business workloads
ABSTRACT Understanding the nature and hara teristi s of e-business workloads is a ru ial step to improve the quality of servi e o ered to ustomers in ele troni business environments. However, theExpand
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Studying User Footprints in Different Online Social Networks
With the growing popularity and usage of online social media services, people now have accounts (some times several) on multiple and diverse services like Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and You Tube.Expand
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Limiting the power consumption of main memory
The peak power consumption of hardware components affects their powersupply, packaging, and cooling requirements. When the peak power consumption is high, the hardware components or the systems thatExpand
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ProfileRank: finding relevant content and influential users based on information diffusion
Understanding information diffusion processes that take place on the Web, specially in social media, is a fundamental step towards the design of effective information diffusion mechanisms,Expand
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A Measure of Polarization on Social Media Networks Based on Community Boundaries
Polarization in social media networks is a fact in several scenarios such as political debates and other contexts such as same-sex marriage, abortion and gun control. Understanding and quantifyingExpand
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Characterizing a spam traffic
The rapid increase in the volume of unsolicited commercial e-mails, also known as spam, is beginning to take its toll in system administrators, business corporations and end-users. Widely varyingExpand
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