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Detailed characterization of the dynamics of thermoacoustic pulsations in a lean premixed swirl flame
Abstract A nozzle configuration for technically premixed gas turbine flames was operated with CH4 and air at atmospheric pressure. The flames were confined by a combustion chamber with large quartzExpand
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Investigations of swirl flames in a gas turbine model combustor: I. Flow field, structures, temperature, and species distributions
Abstract A gas turbine model combustor for swirling CH 4 /air diffusion flames at atmospheric pressure with good optical access for detailed laser measurements is discussed. Three flames with thermalExpand
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Raman/Rayleigh/LIF Measurements in a Turbulent CH4/H2/N2 Jet Diffusion Flame: Experimental Techniques and Turbulence-Chemistry Interaction
Abstract Single-shot Raman, Rayleigh, and laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) measurements have been performed simultaneously in a turbulent jet flame (Re = 15,200) in order to determine jointExpand
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Phase-resolved characterization of vortex–flame interaction in a turbulent swirl flame
The relation between flow field and flame structure of a turbulent swirl flame is investigated using simultaneous particle image velocimetry (PIV) and planar laser-induced fluorescence of OHExpand
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Application of spontaneous Raman and Rayleigh scattering and 2D LIF for the characterization of a turbulent CH4/H2/N2 jet diffusion flame
4/H2/N2 diffusion flame. Important aspects of the measuring technique, such as accuracy, cross talk between different Raman bands, and the correction procedure for background from laser-inducedExpand
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Flow–flame interactions causing acoustically coupled heat release fluctuations in a thermo-acoustically unstable gas turbine model combustor
Abstract A detailed analysis of the flow–flame interactions associated with acoustically coupled heat-release rate fluctuations was performed for a 10 kW, CH4/air, swirl stabilized flame in a gasExpand
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Experimental study of vortex-flame interaction in a gas turbine model combustor
Abstract The interaction of a helical precessing vortex core (PVC) with turbulent swirl flames in a gas turbine model combustor is studied experimentally. The combustor is operated with air andExpand
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Dynamics of lean blowout of a swirl-stabilized flame in a gas turbine model combustor
Abstract Lean blowout (LBO) of a partially premixed swirl flame is studied using chemiluminescence imaging and simultaneous stereo-PIV and OH-PLIF measurements at repetition rates up to 5 kHz. TheExpand
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Characterization of Turbulent hytVAir Jet Diffusion Flames by Single-Pulse Spontaneous Raman Scattering
A spontaneous Raman scattering apparatus based on a flashlamp-pumped dye laser has been developed for single-pulse temperature and concentration measurements of very high accuracy. Comprehensive dataExpand
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Temporally resolved planar measurements of transient phenomena in a partially pre-mixed swirl flame in a gas turbine model combustor
Abstract This paper presents observations and analysis of the time-dependent behavior of a 10 kW partially pre-mixed, swirl-stabilized methane–air flame exhibiting self-excited thermo-acousticExpand
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