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Statistical Intervals: A Guide for Practitioners
Presents a detailed exposition of statistical intervals and emphasizes applications in industry. The discussion differentiates at an elementary level among different kinds of statistical intervalsExpand
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A Review of Accelerated Test Models
This paper provides a review of many of the AT models that have been use successfully in this area. Expand
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Remaining Useful Life Estimation Based on a Nonlinear Diffusion Degradation Process
Remaining useful life estimation is central to the prognostics and health management of systems, particularly for safety-critical systems, and systems that are very expensive. We present a non-linearExpand
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Planning accelerated life tests with two or more experimental factors
We describe methods and guidelines for planning two-factor accelerated life test experiments for models in which there is no interaction between the factors. Expand
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The nontruncated marginal of a truncated bivariate normal distribution
Inference is considered for the marginal distribution ofX, when (X, Y) has a truncated bivariate normal distribution. TheY variable is truncated, but only theX values are observed. The relationshipExpand
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A Comparison of Accelerated Life Test Plans for Weibull and Lognormal Distributions and Type I Censoring
Previous work on planning accelerated life test plans for the Weibull and lognormal distributions has concentrated on optimum test plans that minimize the variance of some specified estimator.Expand
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Teaching about Approximate Confidence Regions Based on Maximum Likelihood Estimation
Abstract Maximum likelihood (ML) provides a powerful and extremely general method for making inferences over a wide range of data/model combinations. The likelihood function and likelihood ratiosExpand
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System Reliability Theory: Models, Statistical Methods, and Applications, Second Edition
IIJ) the 1980's and 1990's, manufacturing around the world experienced a quality revolution, driven largely by increased globalization. A relatively recent, good example is General Electric'sExpand
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Accelerated degradation tests: modeling and analysis
High reliability systems generally require individual system components having extremely high reliability over long periods of time. Short product development times require reliability tests to beExpand
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