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Measuring Program Outcomes: Using Retrospective Pretest Methodology
This study used longitudinal data from 307 mothers with firstborn infants participating in a home-visitation, child-abuse prevention program. A self-report measure of specific constructs the programExpand
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Understanding maternal intentions to engage in home visiting programs.
Little is known as to why some parents choose to engage in voluntary home visitation services while others refuse or avoid services. To address this knowledge gap, this study tests several hypothesesExpand
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Sexual Abuse in Childhood and Interpersonal Violence in Adulthood
This study investigates the cumulative impact of sexual abuse in childhood and adult interpersonal violence in the past year on depressive symptoms in a nonclinical sample of 265 primarily AfricanExpand
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Multi-level determinants of retention in a home-visiting child abuse prevention program.
OBJECTIVE This exploratory study investigated how attributes from multiple domains influence retention in a voluntary home-visiting child abuse prevention program. METHOD A sample of 1093 "at-risk"Expand
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The predictive impact of domestic violence on three types of child maltreatment.
OBJECTIVE This exploratory study investigated the co-occurrence of domestic violence and three types of child maltreatment: physical child abuse, psychological child abuse, and child neglect. Expand
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Multi-level determinants of mothers' engagement in home visitation services
A two-level hierarchical linear model was used to investigate the impact of poor community health and maternal isolation on mothers' active engagement in a home-visiting family support program. DataExpand
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Ethnicity and adolescent mothers' benefit from participation in home-visitation services
Abstract: Early home visitation has been reported as one promising method of supporting adolescent mothers who are at risk for poor child and family outcomes. This study compared benefits ofExpand
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The Role of Community in Facilitating Service Utilization
SUMMARY Guided by an integrated theory of parent participation, this study examines the role community characteristics play in influencing a parent's decision to use voluntary child abuse preventionExpand
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The optics inside an automated single molecule array analyzer
This paper concentrates on the optical technologies that have enabled the development of a fully-automated single molecule analyzer that enables the automated measurement of multiple proteins at concentration ~1000 times lower than existing immunoassays. Expand
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The Effects of Intimate Partner Violence on Children
R. Geffner. R. S. Igelman. and J. Zellner. (Eds.). 2003 The Effects of Intimate Partner Violence on Children Binghamton, NY: Haworth Press. 309 pp. Paperback ISBN 0-7890-2161-7: $39.95. The EffectsExpand
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