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What the Frog's Eye Tells the Frog's Brain
In this paper, we analyze the activity of single fibers in the optic nerve of a frog. Our method is to find what sort of stimulus causes the largest activity in one nerve fiber and then what is theExpand
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Anatomy and Physiology of Vision in the Frog (Rana pipiens)
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The limiting information capacity of a neuronal link
The maximum rate at which a synaptic link could theoretically transmit information depends on the type of coding used. In a binary modulation system it depends chiefly on the relaxation time, and theExpand
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How we know universals; the perception of auditory and visual forms.
Two neural mechanisms are described which exhibit recognition of forms. Both are independent of small perturbations at synapses of excitation, threshold, and synchrony, and are referred to partiularExpand
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The heterarchy of values determined by the topology of nervous nets.
  • W. McCulloch
  • Mathematics, Medicine
  • The Bulletin of mathematical biophysics
  • 1 December 1945
Because of the dromic character of purposive activities, the closed circuits sustaining them and their interaction can be treated topologically. It is found that to the value anomaly, whenA isExpand
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Recollections of the Many Sources of Cybernetics
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A model of the vertebrate central command system.
This paper is based on the hypothesis that the reticular formation (RF) is the structure invertebrates that commits an animal to one mode of behavior or another. Expand
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IN 19245v6 the location and extent of the sensory cortex were established in the brain of the monkey (Maraca) by means of the method of local strychninization. This cortex was found to occupy a largeExpand
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The brain computing machine
The author, a medical doctor, employs electrical engineering terminology to show how the brain may be likened to a digital computing machine consisting of ten billion relays called neurons. To carryExpand
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