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Patterns in Freshwater Fish Ecology
Introduction. Structure of fish assemblages. Discrete vs. overlapping assemblages and assemblage stability. Stream eocolgy and limonolgy as related to fish assemblages. Influence of global toExpand
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Life on the Edge: The Ecology of Great Plains Prairie Streams
Abstract Great Plains streams are highly endangered and can serve as model systems for studying disturbance ecology and related issues of resistance and resilience in temperate freshwaters. TheseExpand
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North American Prairie Streams as Systems for Ecological Study
  • W. Matthews
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  • Journal of the North American Benthological…
  • 1 December 1988
The Great Plains and Osage Plains of interior North America included vast prairie regions before settlement by western man. Prairie streams that exist today are ecologically interesting for theirExpand
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Fish Faunal Structure in an Ozark Stream: Stability, Persistence and a Catastrophic Flood
. 1979. Niche partitioning by food size in fish communities, p. 311-322. In: Predator-prey systems in fisheries management. H. E. Clepper (ed.). Sport Fishing Institute, Washington, D.C. , AND J. F.Expand
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Grazing Minnows, Piscivorous Bass, and Stream Algae: Dynamics of a Strong Interaction
Striking differences in pool-to-pool distributions of an algae-grazing minnow (Campo- stoma anomalum), attached algae (predominantly Spirogyra sp. and Rhizoclonium sp.), and bass (MicropterusExpand
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Persistence of Stream Fish Assemblages: Effects of Environmental Change
Knowledge of temporal stability and persistence of ecological communities is critical to an understanding of the importance of biotic interactions in the maintenance of community structure. Herein weExpand
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Grazer Control of Algae in an Ozark Mountain Stream: Effects of Short-Term Exclusion
Stony substrata in streams of the southwestern Ozark Mountains are covered with cyanobacterial felts dominated by Calothrix sp., an active nitrogen fixer. To study the effect of grazers on theseExpand
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The Generalizability of Systematic Direct Observations Across Time and Setting: A Preliminary Investigation of the Psychometrics of Behavioral Observation
Abstract This study examined the generalizability of systematic direct observation across setting and time. Participants included 14 students from an intact inclusionary fifth grade classroom.Expand
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Effects of drought on fish across axes of space, time and ecological complexity
1. We evaluate the position of 50 previously published studies of fish and drought with respect to spatial scale of study (individual stream pools to subcontinents), length of the dry period (weeksExpand
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