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The school textbook : geography, history and social studies
... a valuable contribution to the literature ... it also marks a significant step toward the understanding of textbooks in general Paradigm
The history of Sumatra
William Marsden sought to establish a regular series of authenticated facts and to describe "things as they exist, rather than to display the powers of a creative imagination", writes Dr John Bastin
'Poisoned history': a comparative study of nationalism, propaganda and the treatment of war and peace in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century school curriculum
Metaphors and de® nitions The p̀oison’ metaphor has been widely applied to the content of history teaching and textbooks. One early twentieth-century historian, for example, contended that p̀erhaps
Education and Policy in England in the Twentieth Century
  • W. Marsden
  • Economics
    History of Education Quarterly
  • 21 January 1992
The History of Sumatra Containing An Account Of The Government, Laws, Customs And Manners Of The Native Inhabitants
Preface 1. Situation 2. Distinction of inhabitants 3. Villages 4. Agriculture 5. Fruits, flowers, medicinal shrubs and herbs 6. Beasts 7. Vegetable productions of the island considered as articles of