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Introduction to Model Based Optimization of Chemical Processes on Moving Horizons
This contribution provides a concise introduction into problem formulation and standard numerical techniques commonly found in the context of moving horizon optimization using nonlinear differential algebraic process models. Expand
Trends in computer-aided process modeling
Process modeling is an important task during many process engineering activities such as steady-state and dynamic process simulation, process synthesis or control system design and implementation.Expand
A comparative analysis of distributed MPC techniques applied to the HD-MPC four-tank benchmark
The objective of this paper is to design and implement in a four-tank process several distributed control algorithms that are under investigation in the research groups of the authors within the European project HD-MPC. Expand
Modeling submerged hollow-fiber membrane filtration for wastewater treatment
A model for submerged outside-in hollow-fiber MF/UF filtration for wastewater treatment is presented. The model aims at integrating the major influence factors on medium scale of granularity. InExpand
Shortcut Design Methods for Hybrid Membrane/Distillation Processes for the Separation of Nonideal Multicomponent Mixtures
In conceptual process design many alternatives can arise for the separation of multicomponent mixtures. Shortcut methods can be used to evaluate and compare all variants in a first step. In this workExpand
OntoCAPE: A Re-Usable Ontology for Chemical Process Engineering
It is shown which advantageous features of OntoCAPE facilitate the handling of the changes of such a complex engineering ontology over a long period of evolution and which provide a principled guidance for a better understanding and an easier further development. Expand
A field study of the industrial modeling process
This paper analyzes the modeling process by means of a field study in the chemical industries. A diversified set of experienced modelers from two different countries have been interviewed using aExpand
Integration of Economical Optimization and Control for Intentionally Transient Process Operation
This paper summarizes recent developments and applications of dynamic real-time optimization (D-RTO). A decomposition strategy is presented to separate economical and control objectives byExpand
Separation of butanol from acetone-butanol-ethanol fermentation by a hybrid extraction-distillation process
It is shown that the total annualized costs of the novel process are considerably lower compared to the costs of alternative hybrid or pure distillation processes. Expand
Quick and reliable phase stability test in VLLE flash calculations by homotopy continuation
Abstract Calculation of phase equilibria is a crucial part in modeling and simulation of many chemical engineering processes. This is in particular true for systems that exhibit two liquid phases,Expand