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Fate of aflatoxins and fumonisins during the processing of maize into food products in Benin.
The fate of aflatoxins and fumonisins, two mycotoxins that cooccur in maize, was studied through the traditional processing of naturally contaminated maize in mawe, makume, ogi, akassa, and owo,Expand
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First report of Fusarium subglutinans f.sp. pini on pine seedlings in South Africa
Viljoen. A., Wingfield, M. J., and Marasas. W. F. 0.1994. First report of Fusarium subglurinans f. sp. pini on pine seedlings in South Africa. Plant Dis. 78:309-312. A study of fungi responsible forExpand
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Natural occurrence of Fusarium and subsequent fumonisin contamination in preharvest and stored maize in Benin, West Africa.
The natural occurrence of Fusarium and fumonisin contamination was evaluated from 1999 to 2003 in both preharvest and stored maize produced by small-scale farmers in four agroecological zones ofExpand
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Exposure assessment for fumonisins in the former Transkei region of South Africa
The fumonisins are mycotoxins produced mainly by Fusarium verticillioides and F. proliferatum in maize, the predominant cereal staple for subsistence farming communities in southern Africa. In orderExpand
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Moniliformin Production In Fusarium Section Liseola
Fusarium cultures belonging to section Liseola were grown on corn, tested for toxicity to ducklings and the toxic strains analyzed for moniliformin content. The only existing culture of F. annulatumExpand
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The implications of naturally occurring levels of fumonisins in corn for human and animal health
Contamination of corn with the fungus Fusarium moniliforme and its secondary metabolites, the fumonisins, has been associated with several human and animal diseases. This paper summarizes presentExpand
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Fumonisin mycotoxins in traditional Xhosa maize beer in South Africa.
The production and consumption of home-brewed Xhosa maize beer is a widespread traditional practice in the former Transkei region of South Africa. HPLC determination of fumonisins B1 (FB1), B2 (FB2),Expand
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Pathogenicity of three Fusarium species associated with asparagus decline in South Africa
Isolations were made from crown, root, and stem lesions of symptomatic U.C. 157 F2 asparagus plants and from soil debris sampled in a declining asparagus field. Fusarium oxysporum, F. proliferatum,Expand
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Fumonisin B 1 in maize harvested in Iran during 1999
The fumonisin B 1 (FB1) contamination of maize collected in two areas of Iran during 1999 was determined. The 20 maize samples from Mazandaran Province, situated on the Caspian littoral of Iran,Expand
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