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Effect of metoclopramide on guinea pig stomach: critical dependence on intrinsic stores of acetylcholine.
  • A. Hay, W. Man
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Gastroenterology
  • 1 March 1979
This study is concerned with an investigation of the hypothesis that metoclopramide enhances the contractile activity of the guinea pig antrum by increasing acetylcholine release from theExpand
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The toxicity of thallium(I) to cardiac and skeletal muscle.
The effects of (a) partial or complete replacement of K+ by Tl+ in saline perfusing isolated rat heart and diaphragm preparations and (b) pulse injections of high concentrations of Tl+ or K+, haveExpand
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In the carnivorous dipteran Sarcophaga bullata Parker, vitellogenesis was partially inhibited by injection of two doses of 12 μg abscisic acid (ABA), There was no significant difference betweenExpand
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Histamine release during paediatric cardiopulmonary bypass
Histamine release occurs during paediatric cardiopulmonary bypass at the time of removal of the aortic cross-clamp. Left atrial histamine levels are significantly (p<0.02) higher than right atrialExpand
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Effect of gastric irradiation on gastric secretion and histamine in mice
Gastric irradiation selectively inhibits acid secretion. Histamine may have a role in the inhibitory process. Seven days after gastric irradiation with 9 Gy X-rays, mice underwent a stomach perfusionExpand
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Effect of pentagastrin on histamine output from the stomach in patients with duodenal ulcer.
The role of histamine in acid secretion is controversial. Improvements in the techniques of histamine assay allow a better assessment of the relationship of histamine to acid secretion. Patients withExpand
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Histamine in carcinoid syndrome
The exact etiology of carcinoid flushing remains unknown, but the symptoms are probably mediated through release of one or several humoral substances. Flushing seen in fore-gut carcinoids (gastricExpand
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Multiple binding of thallium and rubidium to potassium-activated yeast aldehyde dehydrogenase. Influences on tertiary structure, stability and catalytic activity.
Univalent cation activators of aldehyde dehydrogenase have dual effects, both interpreted as cation-induced or -stabilized conformation changes. These two processes are differentiated by the timeExpand
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Thallium activation and inhibition of yeast aldehyde dehydrogenase
Volume 59, number 1 FEBS LETTERS November 1975 THALLIUM ACTIVATION AND INHIBITION OF YEAST ALDEHYDE DEHYDROGENASE K. BOSTIAN and G. F. BETTS Department of Plant Biology and Microbiology, Queen MaryExpand
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Changes in plasma histamine during orthotopic liver transplantation in the pig
Hypotension and cardiac arrythmia are commonly seen during liver transplantation both in man and in experimental animals. The cardiovascular changes may be explained by release of vasoactiveExpand
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