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Redistricting in a GIS environment: An optimisation algorithm using switching-points
The paper describes the new contiguity checking procedure, based on the concept of switching points, and compares it with the connectivity method developed by Openshaw and Rao, and concludes with a brief discussion of possible extensions to accommodate additional zone-design criteria.
The Filibuster as a War of Attrition
Contrary to popular claims, we argue that the filibuster conveys meaningful information about participants’ willingness to fight for an issue. To this end, we present a model of the filibuster as a
Modelling: fuzziness revisited
Fuzzy thinking dates back, as a scientific concept, at least to the 1930s when the problem of indeterminacy in quantum mechanics and a separate interest in the resolution of logical paradoxes led to the construction of three-valued and then multivalued logical systems.
Computing and the science of Geography: the postmodern turn and the geocomputational twist
In the wake of Kuhn’s (1962) attack on established notions of scientific progress, Haggett and Chorley (1967) announced that Geography was undergoing a quantitative revolution. In fact, it was more