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Responses of soil and water chemistry to mountain pine beetle induced tree mortality in Grand County, Colorado, USA
Abstract Pine forest in northern Colorado and southern Wyoming, USA, are experiencing the most severe mountain pine beetle epidemic in recorded history, and possible degradation of drinking-waterExpand
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The impact of accelerating land-use change on the N-Cycle of tropical aquatic ecosystems: Current conditions and projected changes
Published data and analyses from temperate and tropical aquatic systems are used to summarize knowledge about the potential impact of land-use alteration on the nitrogen biogeochemistry of tropicalExpand
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Basis for the protection and management of tropical lakes
Management of lakes for the protection of water quality, aquatic life and other uses must be approached somewhat differently in the tropics from how it is approached at temperate latitudes. More thanExpand
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Ecological Determinism on the Orinoco Floodplain
ll oo dplains of l a r ge rivers are among the most produ ctive of eco s ys tem s ; they are also among the f i rst to be altered by econ omic devel opm ent and population growth.Floodplains areExpand
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Wetlands Explained: Wetland Science, Policy, and Politics in America
This book combines a broad scientific and sociopolitical view of US wetlands, for a wide audience of students and professionals concerned with basic or applied ecology, environmental conservation andExpand
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Relative importance of carbon sources for macroinvertebrates in a Rocky Mountain stream
Estimates of carbon sources, as determined from ratios of stable isotopes, were used in conjunction with estimates of secondary production to determine the relative contribution of algal carbon toExpand
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Land use change and nitrogen enrichment of a Rocky Mountain watershed.
Headwater ecosystems may have a limited threshold for retaining and removing nutrients delivered by certain types of land use. Nitrogen enrichment was studied in a Rocky Mountain watershed undergoingExpand
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Biogeochemistry of beetle-killed forests: Explaining a weak nitrate response
A current pine beetle infestation has caused extensive mortality of lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta) in forests of Colorado and Wyoming; it is part of an unprecedented multispecies beetle outbreakExpand
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